St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St. Gregory Year 4

Teacher: Mrs. Devine

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Heald & Miss Johnston

Final homework task for the year!

Please join us next week when St. Gregory's class will be leading

the whole-school Liturgy.

Tuesday 2nd July at 9.00am

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This week's homework...

This week's homework...

A busy week in our R.E. work.

We began by exploring the new theme; Building Bridges. We were given 5 large sheets of newspaper and asked to create a bridge.

Look at what we came up with...


Together, we celebrated International & Cultural Diversity day - what a great afternoon!

This week's homework...

This week we have enjoyed our work on another world faith: Sikhism.

Keep learning those times tables!

Happy Half Term!

The homework for the half term break is to make sure you know your times tables (0-12) including the inverses.

Year 4 will be trialing the new test in June: all or nothing I'm afraid. Details can be found at

In addition, there are websites where you can  practise taking similar on-line tests in preparation for the actual test in June.


It would also be helpful to read for 20 minutes every day - keep your Reading Record Book up-to-date and return it after the holiday.

Can you keep two chocolate buttons in your mouth without sucking or swallowing?

How does the chocolate change over time?

Investigative Science work... yummy!

  Please bring your reading record to school next week so I canRelated image have a look at how you have been    getting on.  Thank you.Related image

This week's homework...

This week's homework...

Spellings - 

peculiar, popular, position, possess, possible, potatoes, pressure, poem, poetry, poet


Pentecost Term...WIND & FIRE!

We explored the power of the Holy Spirit, beginning with a paper plane competition, followed by a

symbolic burning of our planes.

We then explored our school looking for evidence of those times when our community lives by the power of the Spirit. Next, we recorded information about people we know whose lives evidence this power.

This week, we tried natural sculptures as part of our Art work.

This week's homework...

Our trip to the Great Central Railway

May 2019

Our Summer Curriculum Map...

Welcome back for the Summer Pentecost term.

The term has got off to a great start - a 'world-wise' topic day working on a carousel of acitivities + a trip on the Great Central Railway.

Homework begins again this week and a copy of the summer curriculum map is available on our page now.

Here's to a fun-filled term!

What do you think Stig's cave might have looked like?

English/Reading: Clive King's 'Stig of the Dump'

Well, we have reached the end of our Lent term and what a great term it has been.


Over the Easter break, please ensure you read for 15 minutes every day, as well as practising your times tables.

Reading logs will be returned tomorrow - ALL READING LOGS MUST BE RETURNED ON MONDAY 29TH APRIL.

Thank you for all your efforts this term.

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All About Attitude!

Well done Year 4 - your creativity and flair proved too good to miss! A great performance today.

Thanks to all the parents who joined us, as well as to Miss Johnston for her great direction.



We invite parents to watch our Dance Performance on Monday 8th April - come along at 2.30  and see what we have been doing this term in our P.E. lessons.



Final Week Homework Task... see below.

We will share these next week as we come to the end of our class book.

Image result for sunshine emoji imagesOur 'sliders' are ready just in time for the glorious Spring sunshine!


This morning we tested our cargo carriers...every one floated, although

the addition of weights did cause a few problems for some!

It was very entertaining.

Well done to our intrepid boat-builders!

After designing, making and naming a our 'cargo carriers', we presented

the finished product to the rest of the class.

This week's homework...


Tech-tastic Time!

We enjoyed a full day of technology work today designing and making boats.

The children enjoyed themselves and the ideas were so creative, using a wide variety of materials.

A big shout-out to our families who sent in equipment or who joined us for today's event!

As part of our Lenten R.E. topic, we  have been learning about Holy Week.

We focused on Jesus washing the feet of the disciples and were reflecting

on how it might have felt.

Don't forget...

Please bring in materials for the Cargo Carrier Challenge TOMORROW -

Wednesday 27th March


This week's homework...

St. Gregory's led our school Liturgy on Self Discipline.

This week's homework...  

Making and investigating fractions

An invitation...

St. Gregory's will be leading the whole-school Liturgy on

Tuesday 12th March at 9.00 am.

You are most welcome to join us.


This week's homework...


The children will receive a paper copy of this week's homework on Friday 1st march

Thank you

Welcome back to Spring half term 2.

This half term our 'umbrella' topic title is UNDERFOOT!

Our curriculum map is below.

Points to note...

  • We begin Swimming lessons this week (Friday March 1st) and these continue weekly  until the end of the academic year. It is very important that everyone has their swimming kits each Friday.
  • We will have a class PE lesson this half term each Monday afternoon and our Games session continues each Wednesday. Again, everyone needs a PE kit.
  • The new Home-school Reading Record has to be returned to school on Wednesday and then every following Wednesday along with the homework.
  • Homework will begin again on Thursday 28th February 

Thank you for your continued support.

Take a look at our photographs of our 'fruity activities'!

11.2.19: Fr. David helps us in our RE lesson.

WOW -  so many positives from our class book...

  • Speaking & listening - EYFS
  • Dynamic display
  • Sculpture 
  • Celebrating achievement

An Incredible Iron Army!

Well done Year 4 - your 'Iron Man' models are absolutely amazing! 

Excellent effort all round - some super ideas for the features and great to see some light-up!

A big shout-out  to  families for supporting us in this task. 

This week's homework...


in Science, Art, RE and History!

This week's homework...

We are Busy Bodies!

Busy learning about teeth and digestion in our science lessons & busy learning to move in new and exciting ways in P.E. 

This week's homework...

This week's homework...

This week's homework...

Image result for happy new year

Welcome back to the Spring term

This week the homework is an 'Explore' activity linked to our new RE topic.

You will be given a sheet on Tuesday called 'My Community'. Please look at the boxes and headings and complete each one with a sentence or two and a small illustration.

This task needs to be returned to school on Friday 11th January.

A busy final few days of the Advent term....

Homework will begin again in the Spring term. 

Keep practising your times tables and reading regularly over the Christmas break.

A Christmas-Cracker of a total...

We collected the awesome amount of £186 whilst singing in the town centre.

Many people complimented us on our beautiful voices and smiling faces.

The money will go to St. Mary's Parish mission; Kwediboma.



YEAR 4 singing carols and Christmas songs in Carillon Court on Friday 14th December at 11am. 

If you are in town that morning please give us a wave! Image result for cartoon christmas carol singers


Our school is fund-raising to support the work of CAFOD

St. Gregory's class will be selling biscuits at morning playtime every day next week. Biscuits 10p and bars 20p - if you have any money to spare come along for a treat!
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7.12.18                   Investigating Electrical Circuits

A great Science morning - well done everyone!

This week's homework...

St. Gregory's class begin their journey through Advent

This week's homework...

This week's homework...


Rainbows and Cosmic circles!


Today we celebrated the end of our RE topic, 'Called'.

We worked in groups to plan, prepare and present a class liturgy on this theme.

This week's homework...

Anti-bullying Week

We have spent some time this week thinking about positive ways to behave.

We 'choose respect'!

This week's homework...

This week St. Gregory's class will begin the second Autumn topic: 'What's Up?'

Take a look at our curriculum map.

Well done St. Gregory's class - an amazing performance!

Thank you to all the families that came to watch us.


This week's homework...

An invitation!

AFRICAN ADVENTURES - The Ancient Egyptians

Friday 2nd November

2:50 pm in the school hall

St. Gregory's class would like to invite our families and friends to watch our topic

presentation 'The Ancient Egyptians'

All are welcome to join us.

This week's homework...

Authors, story telling, writing and FUN!

Year 4 enjoyed the 2018 'Loogabarooga' Festival events this week.

What a busy start to this Advent half term!

We have been enjoying this year's 'Loogabarooga' Literature Festival. 

We had a visit from professional story teller John Kirk: he presented 'Dennis and the Chamber of Mischief'.

The whole class got involved and we all got very wet!

We also attended the launch of this year's Young Writer's competition - we were treated to a talk + Q&A session with author Dan Freedman.


Have a great week!

Over half term please make sure you read every day, practise your times tables and learn the new spelling list...

  • grammar
  • group
  • guard
  • guide
  • heart
  • heard
  • height
  • history
  • geography
  • Rosary

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Happy Harvest!


Having donated over 50 items, our class celebrated the harvest joining in a whole-school Liturgy. 

Each class added their donations too and there is a large collection of food to give to those less fortunate than ourselves.

We said two prayers, helped with the procession and sang a harvest samba!

Many thanks to our generous parents for their donations of tins, packets and dried goods.

It was wonderful to appreciate God's gifts.

This week's homework...

This week's homework...

Make a Match....

Maths games & activities.

Today we enjoyed our class 'REJOICE' Liturgy in beautiful sunshine.

We worked in our House groups to plan and prepare this celebration.

Mummification Madness!

This week we have been studying Egyptian mummies. We had a go ourselves!

This week's homework...

On Tuesday our class led the whole school in this week's Liturgy. We worked in our House groups to plan and prepare the Liturgy. It was lovely to welcome parents. Thank you everyone.

We are St. Gregory's class. Gregory is the patron saint of musicians, singers, students and teachers

St. Gregory's feast day is on September 3


Over the first half term we will be focusing on Africa; ancient and modern.

6th September


  1. Emoji Multiplication Mosaic
  2. Back to School comprehension task
  3. Topic: list animals found in Africa
  4. Weekly Spelling List - accident                  accidentally                                                                   actual                      actually                                                                          address                   Africa                                                                             adventure               Egypt                                                                               sound                      vibrate


Y4 St. Gregory's will be leading the whole-school Liturgy on Tuesday 11th September.

Parents are invited to join us - we'd love to see you!

This week we worked together to devise a Class Charter.

3rd September

Welcome to our Year 4 class page. Everyone has made a good start to the new year. We have tackled lots of tasks introducing ourselves and have made a great start on our first topic 'African Adventures'.

Please note...

  1. Games is on Wednesday afternoons, with a class PE lesson each Friday. Please have the correct PE uniform for these lessons.
  2. Homework will be given out each Thursday, to be handed in the following Wednesday. The home work will include weekly spellings,  English and Maths reinforcement tasks and a Topic related activity to try.
  3. Y4 St. Gregory's will be leading the whole-school Liturgy on Tuesday 11th September. Parents are invited to join us- we'd welcome your support!

This week we have been using mathematical equipment to begin exploring place value. Take a look...