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Good morning St. Gemma's class. I hope you are all keeping well.  And parents/carers, I hope you are all keeping sane! Don't forget to try and do some fun activities together as well as work.  The staff  in school are thinking of you all. Love Mrs Petty.

 If you are self-isolating or in the event of a school closure, please see the pack below for activities for your child to do at home. The school recommends for Year One children short daily activities and reading: at least 20-30 minute blocks of learning per day, but you might want to consider more. Definitely one English and one Maths activity daily. Don't forget to practise your phonics and counting daily. The curriculum page below shows what topics are being taught.

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Wednesday 1st April

 Happy April Fool's Day! Try not to play too many tricks on your family:) It's Day 3 of your packs today for those who have managed to complete Day 1 and 2. Don't worry if you haven't, just keep trying to do the best you can. I know it can be hard at home to get things done, especially if mum or dad are also trying to work from home and you have little brothers and sisters wanting to join in.

It's always great to see your work on even if it sometimes takes time for me to get back to you.

This week, for your RE work, watch this LEGO version of the Easter Story  and retell it in your own words in your blue book. Be sure to illustrate it using your own  LEGO drawings. If you have LEGO at home, you could try making your own models. Don't forget to post them on the homework site for us all to see.

I have set up usernames and passwords for all the children in Year 1 for the Numbots site. If you want your username & password, let me know on the homework email.  Once your account has been created,  log in here:

Good luck and have a fun-filled day.

Mrs Petty & Mrs Moore

Tuesday 31st March

 Good morning St. Gemma's class. Hope you all managed to access the maths and English activities Day 1 activities from the  Learning at Home Packs put on the class page yesterday. Now it's time to try Day 2!!

Don't forget you can contact us on Don't forget, if you find a really interesting activity, please post it and some the work you've done on here too! 

As mentioned yesterday, Mr. Mount has collated lots of different websites to help you find different activities. You can find them by clicking the  the Schooling-Extra Resources tab on the left-hand side of this page. We are adding to the list all of the time so will not be posting as many sites on our class pages, in future. I will, however, be leaving all the daily updates and the "School Closure Letter" on our page so you can still easily find all the sites I have previously posted.

Enjoy the sunshine, even if only for a short walk outside.

Mrs Petty & Mrs Moore.


Monday 30th March

Welcome to another week! Not so sunny, though. Mr. Mount has collated lots of the websites we have found for you onto one page on the website (labelled home Schooling-Extra Resources), to make it easier for you all to find lots of different activities. 

Having four children myself, I know how hard it can be to get them to do school work whilst at home.Just do your best and, given their age, make their learning  fun by involving lots of practical and physical activities. There are lots of links on the school closure letter and the school website to help with finding these.

Use this link  Learning at Home Packs to find the Year 1 Learning at Home Packs that I will be using over the coming weeks for English and maths. Start with Week 1, Day 1-5 for this week, not forgetting that the following two weeks are the Easter holidays so no work required! 

We can do this!!

Mrs Petty & Mrs Moore

Friday 27th March

A foggy good morning today. Well done - we have all made it to the end of the first week! 

Just wanted to share the link below.  
Its a collection of the animations of the Julia Donaldson books. Great for some quiet story time! Again,  retell your favourite ones in your blue book and add some illustrations and remember to keep working on your school pack and using the links in the school closure information letter below for more activities.
Be sure to take some exercise, outside if possible, and have some fun to celebrate the end of the week! 

Here’s a great link for something to dance to.,144UA,2M9U95,3WZ0Z,1

You can even upload your own efforts!

Mrs Petty & Mrs Moore

Thursday 26th March

 A sunny good morning to all. David Walliams is reading one of his stories on his website everyday for thirty days. It's on the following link: . Have a listen and enjoy. You could even retell your favourite ones in your blue book and add some illustrations! Keep working on your school pack and using the links in the school closure information letter if you need more inspiration or variety!

Mrs Petty & Mrs Moore

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning to everyone. Please continue to use the school pack and resources from the different websites in the letter below for your home-school work. I have deliberately not set specific tasks this week as we are all getting used to the school closure and I feel you are the best judge of what tasks will fit your own home schedule in this first week. However, timings and suggestions are set out in the school-closure letter below. I will be adding different activities to our page as time goes on.

Please date each day's work, as we do in school, and give it a title (e.g. phonics) to make it clear what you have been doing.

You can contact us with any homework queries on

Make sure you go out once a day, currently in the sunshine, for exercise and to appreciate God's wonderful creation. 

Looking forward to us all being back together.

Mrs Petty & Mrs Moore

Test yourself on your times tables!

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