St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St. Gregory Year 4

Teacher: Mrs. Devine

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Heald 

Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning everyone - here we go again!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me their work via the homework site  - you are trying so hard. I really enjoyed seeing many of your photos of the 'optic inversion' task and I've even seen a photo of the first Water Cycle model - brilliant :)

So,  today make sure you do the Joe Wicks exercise routine and then begin today's work.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a lovely day - 

Mrs. Devine

Tuesday 31st March

Hello everyone

Don't forget to start your day with the daily workout with Joe - we'll all be super-fit by the time school opens again!

Please see below your work for today...  have another good day.

Mrs. D

Tortoise And The Hare Clipart at GetDrawings | Free download

Thank you to Joseph, Abigail, Sophia, Orla, Aiden, Adam, Fabio, Dominic, Lyndon, Saeema and Donald

for sharing messages & work with me - I've really enjoyed seeing how you are getting on.

 Some of you are powering through everything - well done. For extra work, try looking here... Learning at Home Packs 

Some of you have told me that you are a little slower - don't worry. As long as you are trying, that's fantastic.

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing your yellow exercise books when school opens again!


Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone:) Welcome to a new week.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I went on a walk each day for my exercise, watched the Sunday Mass from Nottingham Cathedral and 'skyped' some of my relatives!

Thank you so much to those of you who have sent work to me via the homework link - it looks excellent! I will be awarding class 'dojos' (rewards) tomorrow when I look at everything more carefully. I will send you the link so you can see how you are getting on once I reply to any work that you send me.

Today's work is below - do what you can in the time allocations sent out last week.


Please look at the additional links on the English & Maths curriculum pages, on the home page or on the new extra page of the website for online links for all the children to access; Homeschooling Extra Resources.

Don't forget to exercise with Joe!

Have a good day

Mrs. D

Well - we made it through the first week... and my goodness, how much you have tackled this week.

It has been great to see and hear from some of your through the homework page. 

Wishing you a good weekend - enjoy time with your family and stay safe.

Best wishes

Mrs. D 

Happy Weekend eCard

Please send any photos of your work or any queries to...

Add Year 4 in the subject box -looking forward to hearing from you!

 I am now starting to use class DOJO (work / behaviour reward system) to reward distance learning. When you send any photographs of your work, I will send you an individual  user code so you can log in.

Friday 27th March

Good Morning

Don't forget to do your daily exercise workout - 9.00 am with Joe Wicks! See the link below.

It would be great if you could manage to complete this week's Maths and try the R.E.  task, but the please have fun with the rainbow task!

Rainbow buns?

Rainbow home-made ice lolly / ice cubes?

Rainbow clothing? (take a photo!) ...

It would be lovely to hear from you via the homework link - missing you all.

Have a good day!

 Morning again!!

Please send any photos of your work or any queries to...

Add Year 4 in the subject box -looking forward to hearing from you!

Mrs. Devine

Thursday 26th March

Good Morning

Don't forget to do your daily exercise workout - 9.00 am with Joe Wicks! See the link below.

After that, begin today's work.

Following the recommended times per subject area, do as much as you can. If you do not manage everything, don't worry - as long as I can see that you have tried hard.

Please remember to put the date and a heading (which subject you are doing) for each piece of work. Then when school re-opens I can see what you did and when.

Thank you!

Have a lovely day.


Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning

Don't forget to do your daily exercise workout - 9.00 am with Joe Wicks! See the link below.

After that, begin today's work. Have a good day.

Test yourself on your times tables!

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Today's work...

Enter text...

24.3.20         Good morning everyone

Remember to try this today...

9am PE with Joe Wicks

Rest & hydrate!


Today it would be great if you could try to finish the printed packs, as we will be moving on tomorrow - good luck and stay safe!

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March

Good morning!

Please begin your printed work-packs today. Answer on the sheets and keep finished packs in your home-school yellow exercise books.

Have a good day

P.S. If you have applied for / received special permission (critical worker) to attend school, please bring your packs + exercise books with you. Unless FSM, remember to bring your packed lunch!

Spring Term Topic displays: Making a Splash!

The Water Cycle, tissue paper layering 'river' effects and chalk work

Hello everyone


  • £1.00 for own clothes day tomorrow  - Lenten fund-raiser for Cafod
  • No swimming this week
  • Return this week's homework
  • Keep your eyes on this page for further work and messages


 If you are self-isolating or in the event of a school closure, please see the pack below for activities for your child to do at home. Please also see the links below and the work put on the page.

  • The School recommends at least 1 hour of English and 1 hour of Maths daily.
  • A reading session should be in addition to this.
  • Each class page has the curriculum being studied, so children can look up the topics they are studying in class.
  • Please check the class page daily for work, links or videos, which will be updated by class teachers.
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The YEAR 4 Times Tables Test is approaching FAST!


This week's homework...

As part of our Geography topic, today we tried to make dirty water clean!

This week's homework...

A Delicious Day!

We ate our hand-made chocolate buttons following a Science lesson on 'Heating & Cooling'

Another busy & productive week of learning____

This week's homework...


Celebrating out Eucharist topic in our R.E. lesson today.


Solid, liquid or gas?

Investigating States of Matter in today's Science lesson.

This week's homework...

Lent(2) :) Welcome back (: Lent(2)


Amazing Archaeology


Today we took part in an archaeology workshop led by Newcastle University Outreach.

There were lots of challenges designed to teach us more about this

aspect of Historical investigation.

A Riotous Roman Performance

Well done Year 4 St. Gregory's - you were fantastic!

Our Design & Technology this half term has been based on the theme of 'Shelters'

This linked really well to our class book, 'Stig of the Dump'.

We had to show teamwork, creativity and perseverance.

It was a great morning!

This week we enjoyed a very interesting session learning more about the work of CAFOD

& exploring ways we can help people sharing our world

The Romans are coming!

Hope to see you there!

This week's homework...

Please join us for our presentation on


Watch History unfold through drama & song!

Thursday 13th February

2.30 pm

This week's homework...

This week's homework...

Art & Design: SHELTERS

After sessions investigating shelters and sketching design ideas for a new playground shelter, we tried

to make a shelter for 'Teddy Toy'!

We're going on an invertebrate hunt!

Today we discussed and recorded facts about all the invertebrate groups and then explored the

playground environment hunting for examples.

This week's homework...

The school enjoyed our Liturgy this morning. Through scripture, mime, music and prayer, 

we helped everyone to reflect on the theme of 'community'.

In our Science work we identified, researched and classified vertebrates

A message for our families...

1)   Image result for cartoon baby photo

 Please could you send in a baby or toddler photo  - we will use this as part of our work on 'Autobiography'

We will carefully make a copy and return the original to you

Thank you


2) Dates for your diary!

St. Gregory's class Liturgy; Tuesday January 21st at 9.00 am in the hall

THE ROMANS; A musical  presentation based on this half term's History learning

Thursday 13th February at 2.30 pm in the school hall


This week's homework...

This week's homework...

Happy New Year

Welcome back for the Lent term.


Enjoy our fantastic fantasy models: the space-bat-angel-dragon. 

St. Gregory's show great creativity and construction skills.

Well done!


PJ day was a great success: £68 is our final total - AMAZING!

We have chosen to buy packs of fruit trees + training and tools for cultivating these.

This CAFOD World Gift will supply a poor family with five fruit tree saplings plus the tools and training to produce their own tree nursery.

Thank you for your tremendous support.



After singing carols for 45 minutes in the town centre last week, we raised

£150.00 for Kwediboma, our parish mission in Africa.

We received many compliments on our lovely voices and friendly faces.

It was lovely to see families also there to support us.

Well done St. Gregory's 

Final week's homework...

Please note...

Tuesday 10th December

St. Gregory's CAFOD charity event: PJs + hot chocolate £1.00

Cookies / biscuits on sale as an added extra!



This week's homework...


In Science this week we have been investigating circuits.

CAFOD  fund-raiser....

December 10th

Pjs and Hot Chocolate!

£1.00 to wear Pjs for the day + a cup of delicious hot chocolate

Related image

We will vote for a 'world gift' to aid those in need

Image result for cafod world gifts

This week's homework...

Money Matters!

Our second session learning all about 'savvy saving' and all things MONEY!

This week's homework...

Friday 15th November..


Just a taster of our visit to the Library to see a live adaptation of our class book.

Everyone enjoyed the fantastic performance.

We completed our focus on the theme of 'Called' by planning and participating in a special liturgy.

This week's homework...

This week's homework...

Our drama presentation of the Battle of Bosworth ...

enjoyed by visiting parents and Years 1&3

There is another opportunity to watch it next Wednesday morning

Please join us!

Thank you for joining us for our class liturgy this week.

Everyone spoke out really well and the school enjoyed our celebration.

This week's homework...

Brilliant Bosworth!

We enjoyed an excellent day at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre today

Session Three: The Soldier's Wife...

Session Two: The Battlefield...

Session One: The Exhibition...

Awesome Advent (2)   ...take a look at what's in store!

Thank you for a great start to the school year.

We have been busy, but there's so much more to come! 

The Battle of Bosworth

In today's P.E. lesson, we used movement and mime to

re-enact the Battle of Bosworth!

We later used computing skills to research and record key facts about the battle,

as well as the finding of king Richard's body beneath a car park in Leicester.

This week's homework...

R.E. Other Faiths focus

October 2019 Addition & Subtraction: Learning Journey Step 1

This week's homework...

European Day of Languages 26.9.19

We wore the colours of our flag or national costume, shared books written in our first language

and enjoyed tasting national dishes.

This week's homework...


Today we enjoyed a visit from the poet Andy Craven.

He led an assembly on kindness and later workshops exploring poetry writing techniques.

We even had the chance to perform some of our work!

Harvest Liturgy 19.9.19

We collected lots of tinned and dried foodstuffs for those in need in our town.

During the celebration we shared our 'Harvest Alphabet' with the rest of the school.

This week's homework...

Science...investigating the journey of our food from 'entry' to 'exit'!


*The children will have Week 1 Spelling test tomorrow (12.9.19)

From next week, the spelling test will be on a Wednesday.

This week's homework...

Busy Bodies Topic - History

We began last week by creating factual posters about the modern Royals.

Busy Bodies...

Y4 Long Term Plans

This week's homework...

First day fun!

Opening task... Family Writing / Facial expressions 

You have two sheets relating to our first topic - Please complete both as well as you can and bring them back by next Wednesday, 4th September.

Welcome back everyone!

Our whole-school theme for this term is 'People Power'.

Within this, St. Gregory's class are working on a topic called 'Busy Bodies'.

Please take a look at our curriculum map - there are lots of exciting activities to be tackled.


This term Year 4 have P.E. on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please ensure children have the correct P.E. kit on these days.


Homework will be on our class page each Wednesday. It needs to be returned the following Tuesday.

It will include Spellings, Times Tables and Reading. There will also be a Topic / R.E. related task (often creative!)


 Year 4 will be taking the first multiplication tables check (MTC) in the Summer term  - our learning and practise begins now!