St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St. Gregory Year 4

Teacher: Mrs. Devine

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Heald 

St. Gregory's Class: our trip to the Battle of Bosworth Heritage Centre, October 2019

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Friday 22nd May

West Island School – ESF Thursday 15 February - Half Term Details ...

Can you believe it? I can't...where do the days go...?

But before we all have a rest and enjoy some down-time there is still today's work to get through!

Please see today's outline, English and Science activities.

The Science links to sound because it is connected to hearing - make a fun-pair of ears!

I have received a few water 'sculptures'  - I'd love some more though, so get busy today!

I enjoyed my days in school this week, but I am looking forward to a break from the computer for a few days!

Have a good day today :)


Thursday 21st May

Good Morning

I was in school yesterday , and I am in again today!

Today's outline, the English lesson and Geography lesson are all below.

For the English you need to visit the listed websites OR use any leaflets you may have at home for places to visit.

Try your best: I am looking forward to seeing your work later today.

I hope you...

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Please see the latest message from Tom, our CMAT lay chaplain...

Hi everyone,

Firstly, thanks again to you all for supporting the Missionary Discipleship programme this term - our trust has been by far the most engaged in this so far. It is wonderful to receive the entries each week showing the fabulous things our staff and young people are doing to raise the spirits of others and to share the love of Jesus with those around them.

Last weeks entries are all up on the chaplaincy website, along with this weeks challenge from Tom Baptist. Here is the link: 

We would like as many people as possible to complete the challenge. As you will see in the video, this weeks challenge is to share  story with someone. This could mean a Bible story or a favourite fiction story. It cold mean a student reading a story to a group of younger students, or recording a story for some younger relatives. It could be relaying a Bible story in a really creative way through art, drama or a storyboard. Feel free to get creative with this one!

Any entries can be send in to me by Thursday to feature on the 'Friday Night Live' live stream.

Thank you all for the work you are doing and for all of your support,

God bless,

Tom                 Tom Shannon            Lead Lay Chaplain                St Thomas Aquinas CMAT

Wednesday 20th May

Sending Sunny Thoughts Postcards

Good morning

As usual, you will find the daily outline + the English and R.E. lesson sheets below.

A big THANK YOU for yesterday's work that you sent in.

Don't forget to play a game or two on TTRS and really think about the world record challenge! 

Keep up the exercise, your daily reading and of course complete today's lessons!

Have a lovely day


Tuesday 19th May

Funny Good Morning All - Good Morning Images, Quotes, Wishes ...

Hi everyone

As usual, you will find the daily outline + English and Topic lesson sheets below.

Take a look at the great fish artwork and some Science practical activities - well done those children who tried this and sent photos.

I am enjoying following the latest battles on Times Tables rock Stars!

We're smashing it against Year 5 :)   Some of you really should try the world record challenge! 

Remember to do some exercise, your daily reading and today's lessons

Have a lovely day

Sound Science...


Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone

Oxford, Mississippi: Monday, April 27, 2020 Curbside Pick-up ...

Another week begins again - please see the outline for today + lesson sheets for English and R.E. below. Read everything carefully and try your best!

Remember to send your work to me using the homework link.

Hey... Mr. Mount recommended this for our class!


Guess what!?

We got in touch with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS about how fast some of our times tables rockers are getting. After some conversations they have created a new title - "the highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute!"

To make an Official Attempt, players need to record a video of themselves achieving their highest score in the Studio* and send the video to by 23:59 UK time on 4th June 2020.

Read Official Attempt criteria in full

The highest scores we've seen over the years have been 150+ in a single Studio game so we know the standard for this global title will be high. 

Official letter below

Friday 15th May

(2 more sleeps!)

Friday Motivation Vector Images (over 750)

So we have made it to the end of another week! Thank you for your work, bridges and fish this week - more pictures to follow at the end of today (so send me yours if you haven't already done so!)

As usual today's outline + English task and Science lesson are below.

Read carefully, try your best and do as much as you can.

Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday 14th May

(3 more sleeps!)

Happy Morning Music To Start The Day - Good Morning Music For ...

Another day and another set of tasks for you - you are all trying very hard, so keep up the great efforts!

I am also watching the latest battles on Times Tables Rock stars - wow...some of you are already racing ahead!

I was working in school again yesterday, but it still seems so quiet.

Today's outline, English and Topic lesson sheets are below.

Just follow the instructions and have a go - you can do it!

Look as well at some of the brilliant bridges you made as part of our R.E. topic 'BUILDING BRIDGES'

Great work everyone:)

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning everyone!

Wednesday motivation Memes

(Only 4 days until my birthday!!!!)

I hope you are all okay today and ready to go.

I have been sent some heavenly history work, perfect perimeter work and excellent English! I love to see what you have achieved each day - thank you.

Today's work + the English lesson sheet are posted below. Please READ EVERY PART OF EACH SHEET CAREFULLY and try your best. If a link won't 'work', try looking for a similar alternative.

You're all trying so hard, so just keep going.

Have a great day.


Dear Families

For your information....

St. Mary's Food Bank has a lot of non-perishable food available to be picked up by anyone who needs it.

The parish hall food bank is open Monday-Friday, 3-4 pm.

Anything left will be taken to John Storer House after that time.

Do you know any family that may need it? On your street?

Thank you

Tuesday 12th May

Funny ~ Good Morning ~ Images ~ Quotes... - Funny ~ Good Morning ...

Good morning

Please note - to find the Maths lessons, go to BBC bitesize  - Daily Lessons. Select Maths and Year 4 and you will find today's lesson.

Just check the date is correct and you're ready to go!

Thank you for yesterday's work - it's lovely to see it all.

Please follow the outline below for today and look for the  English and History pages also. (Make sure you write answers for all parts of the History sheet)

I do need you to take care with the presentation of your work and to ensure you have really thought about your answers, included detail and used good punctuation.

Try your best again today and keep trying

Have a lovely day :)

11.5.20  Please see the message from Tom, our CMAT Lay chaplain....

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the sun over the weekend.

Hopefully you managed to catch 'Friday Night Live' last week as our Trust was extremely well represented yet again, with lots and lots of fantastic entries sent in to show our students being Missionary Disciples. 

You can view all of the last two weeks entries, and this weeks challenge here:

Please share this link with students, parents and staff and encourage them to complete this weeks challenge. As always, if possible, please get a short video or photo o the challenge being completed and send it to me by Thursday evening. It will then feature on Friday Night Live on YouTube at 6pm. 

The challenge this week, as you will see in the video, is to write a letter to, or draw a picture for, your parish priest and send it to them to cheer them up and show we are thinking about them. It would be fantastic to see loads of entries again this week, especially as I will be on the live stream this week and would love to be able to give a shout out to our schools and marvel at all of the good work live on the show.

Thank and God bless,

Tom   (Tom Shannon, Lead Lay Chaplain: St Thomas Aquinas CMAT)

 Week 3 – Send a letter or a drawing to your parish priest to cheer them up!

Recommended Weekly Timetable

Monday 11th May

Good morning everyone and welcome  back to another week!

I hope you managed to celebrate in some way on Friday - certainly an important event to remember. We enjoyed a 'social-distancing' street party which was a lovely opportunity to see neighbours for the first time in a long while...even if we had to call out across the road and over fences!

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your bunting and tea-parties - take a look at a few of the photos below today's work. Well done everyone.

I have also been watching the recent TTRS battle - well done to Lyndon, Sophie, Joseph and Dylan for leading the way and congratulations to the boys - another win! There is a new battle to try now - come on girls!

So to today - the work over-view is below as well as lesson pages for English and R.E. Please read everything carefully, spend no more than 1 hour on each subject and try your best. As usual, begin with Joe Wicks, spend around 10 minutes each on times tables and spellings and 20-30 minutes reading. 

Please make sure you are keeping all your wonderful work you are completing at home in your given exercise book. Be sure to stick in any sheets and remember every subject should have the date and learning focus at the top of a new page. We should aim to maintain our high standards of work presentation.

As long as I can see you trying hard, then that will be wonderful.


You Are Beautiful You Are Special GIF - YouAreBeautiful ...

Have a great day.

MAY 8TH 2020 V.E. DAY - 75 YEARS 

We'll meet again...!

Thursday 7th May

Hello - 

So, I was in school again today and it is still too quiet!

Please find today's outline and the English task below. I think the English has uploaded over 2 pages so please scroll down to see the text and the task!

Thank you for the work that you have sent me -  I am especially loving seeing your bunting and V.E day decorations.

There won't be any work set for Friday as it's a Bank Holiday, but you can try the special cooking / maths challenge on White Rose if you want. I will check class dojo and the homework link later this evening but after that I really want you to enjoy time with your family - and pause for a moment to think about all those who sacrificed so much during WWII.

I hope that you have a great 'holiday' weekend!


Rothwell & Friends VE Day Celebrations - Home | Facebook



Wednesday 6th May

Morning all

Please take a minute or two to read the 2 extra messages here today - Mary's month  & Tom's message.

Today's work is below as well as some lesson pages you need. Please read everything and have a good try.

I've been sent some smashing pictures of NHS bunting and V.E. Day hats - well done. I'm looking forward to more !

I really appreciate your parents support sending work to me - its great to be able to check how you are doing.

Have a good day - try your best...that's all that really matters.

P.S. Only 3 days left on the latest TTRS tournament and Lyndon is smashing it - come on everyone else - let's see a final push!

Devotion May 4th 2019 Month of Our Lady - Saturdays

W e are praying a decade of the Rosary everyday during May - for vocations and for the end to the Corona virus.

Please think about these good causes when you say any prayers  / the Rosary at home.

Tuesday 5th May

Hello again

Well, I had a very long day yesterday sorting out various IT problems! However, things are back up and running again with a change of class picture - memories of days-out!

Please scroll down to check you have seen everything today!

You'll see a V.E. Day sheet - this was intended to go out yesterday but I hope you'll manage to do the task during this week alongside the Art activity as I feel it's important to think about the meaning of V.E. Day.

Today's work is on our page as well as the details / instructions you will need for the work.

Please read everything and try your best.

I have also put up a couple of picture documents of all your work over the past week or so. I've read some super stories  - keep them coming!

Have a good day today

Poetry Practise...

Wonderful Waves!

Crazy Cookery!

Super Students!

Monday 4th May

Good morning everyone

 Hope you all had a good weekend with your families - we had our weekly family quiz and a catch-up!

I cannot upload documents at the moment - sorry. I'll try to sort it out today, so I'll have to type it here..

Spellings -practise this week's words

Maths - Write out, with inverses, the 6 times table.

Lesson 1 from this week's White Rose link on our home page

English: 20 mins reading

Cold Write - your own story: A Storm at Sea

R.E.  - St. Paul


Put it up at home and send me a picture!

We have been asked by the CMAT to share the following with you: 

NRCDYS YouTube broadcasts

Test yourself on your times tables!

Showing 1-1 of 1
Showing 1-1 of 1

The Romans are Coming....!

Well done St. Gregory's on a fantastic performance to our school community and parents - superstars!

Carols for our town community

We were raising funds for St. Mary's Parish Mission: Kwediboma, Africa


Science: Human digestion - from mouth to out!

History: Group task investigating the UK Royal Family 2019