St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Welcome to Year 5  

Teacher: Mrs Hill

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wilson

Year    5    #Followtherainbow

Good Morning! An outline of each day will be updated here by 9am each morning. In order to maintain high standards please do write the date and learning focus at the top of a new page for each lesson. All work produced should be at least a page and include planning for all subjects except mathematics, but working out is encouraged. Homework will also remain an additional weekly learning task.


Wednesday 1st April

8.40am Day 1 - Play hopscotch

Take Our 30-Day Kids At Home Activity Challenge for April!' 


9am PE with Joe Wicks  Rest & hydrate!


10-10.45am M A T H S : Decimals LF8

Starter: White Rose Maths Lesson three (Week two).  Understanding percentages.   Watch the video clip provided on the website  and then complete 'the activity' attached below. If you cannot print these sheets please do your best to draw the models.

Main practice: Times Table Rock Stars - Battle of the Bands.  Please email for your login details to join. 

10.45 - 11am Time for a brain break!

11-12 R E 

Our final RE lesson of our topic Sacrifice. Complete the Rejoice booklet below. Plan and hold a short liturgy at home with your family members. Create a temporary prayerful space. Do send in a photograph of this space.

12pm S P E L L I N G S : Look, cover, write, check & test.

parliament   persuade   physical   prejudice   privilege   profession   programme   pronunciation   queue   recognise

Daily Newsround 

12.20pm - 1.30pm Have a lovely lunch time!

1.30 - 2pm R E A D outloud to an adult and record the pages you have read.


2-3pm D T - Cooking Butterfly Cakes

Please do not go out of your way to find the ingredients outside of your home. Instead look at what you have already and try to create something similar or even help with the preparation and cooking of dinner.


Additional recipe ideas  below (not compulsory)

 healthy snacks.pdfDownload
 more snacks.pdfDownload
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 For additional help and guidance please email             and include Mrs Hill in the subject for a prompt response. ADDITIONALLY - it would be greatly appreciated if you could email in at some point as I have set up Times Table Rock Stars for every pupil to challenge, compete and play using their multiplication knowledge. As well as a class DOJO (behaviour reward system) to reward distance learning. I would need to email you a personal username and password to these learning tools. See Youtube introduction clips below. Please check your junk mail to accept the invite.  


It would be great to receive your rainbow art set as your English task yesterday to brighten our class page. PLEASE send a photograph of your art in your window to


An additional thank you to parents/children for submitting their work. To keep this manageable I will request an activity to be submitted to our class DOJO potentially every other day. Anything additional is a pleasure for me, but we will be looking at your exercise book work on your return to school (hopefully soon), so keep up the fabulous work.


Well done for your continuous hard work under the circumstances! 



Stay safe,


Mrs Hill


P.S. See new H/W set even further below. 25/3/20

Test yourself on your times tables!

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Additional Learning Links

Notices:-Homework will still be uploaded online on Wednesdays and due in on the next Wednesday unless stated otherwise.


Homework to be completed by Wednesday 1st April 2020 in your separate homework book as usual.


Greek Myth Book review. Which was your favourite Greek Myth? Why? 

Include : Who, What, Where, When, Why, How. Setting & character description as well as your rating out of five stars.

Choose from : 1.In the beginning and Pandora's box 2. Persephone & the Pomegranate Seeds 3. Daedalus & Icarus                   4. Arachne the Spinner 5. King Midas 6. Perseus 7. Theseus & the Minotaur 8. Jason & the Golden Fleece.


Why is Easter important to Christians? Give at least three reasons. How does this link to your life?



Challenge someone on Times Table Rock Stars. I can see who is active!


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Saint Roch pray for us.

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