St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Sunday 17th November


Dear Parents,


Hope you have had a good weekend.  Hopefully your children have  had a go at the arithmetic paper that went home with them on Friday.  For English, could they write a book review about a book they have read recently and design a front cover for it that we can display in school.  Thank you.

I'll send home the spellings tomorrow with a reading comprehension.  Please could your children read at home every day.  It makes a big difference.

On Thursday and Friday this week years 5 and 6 will have their Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).  If anyone who wasn't able to come to the meeting would like a copy of the powerpoint we use, please send in your email address and I'll send it to you.  The school aligns with the diocese and uses Journey in Love, a scheme endorsed by the Pope and used in most Catholic schools in the country.

I hope you like the photographs below - I'll get all the London photographs together this week and put them up too.  On Thursday afternoons, it is always Science in year 6 and three Grammar school boys come in to help - they are meant to be practicing times tables with groups but they all study A level Sciences, are great fun, knowledgeable and very popular with the class so they join in with the lessons and then do times table practice at the end.  Some of the photographs are of our Liturgy on Friday and some are of the Chaplaincy team.  The De Lisle Mission Team come in on Wednesday afternoons and they join in too  and help during topic afternoons.  Our Science topic at the moment is Light and our Geography topic is Trade and Economic Activity.  We've just finished looking at where our food comes from and air miles and we'll be moving on to Fair Trade this week.

I'd really like to meet you before the end of this term to talk about your child's progress.  When you get time, please just come in after school but I'll start making appointments too.


Many thanks and see you soon,



Sunday 3rd November 2019

Dear Parents,

Many thanks for your support, helping your children prepare for London and allowing them to come.  It really was a great trip and once the display is finished, you will be invited in to hear all about it and see the photographs.  We posted most of the pictures we took on Twitter but I'll print them out and hopefully load them on to this page too.  The children were a credit to you and a pleasure to be with.  We really did all have a brilliant time.  We met the Mother General of Tyburn Convent in Hyde Park and she invited us all to the convent for adoration!  Sadly, we really didn't have time, but if ever you go to London, she really did mean it.  Mrs Davis also saw Pippa Middleton having tea in a café in Hyde Park!

Please can I ask you to make sure your children are practising their times tables if they don't know them.  Children can't achieve the year 6 expected standard without knowing their tables.  I'll ring around this week for a chat.

Secondly, please can children be reading for at least half an hour most days.  It is the best homework they can do and makes the biggest difference to their writing and comprehension.

Here are this week's spellings and below is an attachment with an arithmetic practice paper (for Wednesday 6th November please):


 Do please call in when you get time to see your children's recent scores.  Looking forward to seeing you at the Sex Ed information evening if not before,


Yours faithfully,



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Friday 12th October 2019


Dear Parents,


Year 6 has worked really hard this week and the children have produced some wonderful stories which will be displayed over half term - do please come in and see them.  They have also written about the Victorians in a final piece of writing to finish off the topic.  I'm very excited about our new Geography project next half term and look forward to introducing it to everyone. 

This week, I felt really proud of them as they tackled long division and showed great perseverance - it's very tricky to learn and they were so cheerful about it - we haven't finished yet!

The new R.E. topic is on Vocations and Belonging, exploring our mission in the world - please see the Explore homework below and look out for our R.E. information evening next half term.

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the parents information evening for the London trip on Wednesday 23rd October at 5pm.  Please find a copy of the medical form below - paper copies are being sent home with your child today to be collected in at the meeting.  Don't worry if you can't make the meeting - pop in anytime to pick up the information and for a chat.

Wishing everyone a restful and enjoyable half term break and see you all back after the holiday,


With kind regards,




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Sunday 6th October 2019

Dear Everyone,


Looking forward to a good week and thank you for your patience last week.  Please see below this week's spellings and a grammar revision exercise on adverbs.  Come in anytime to talk about your child's progress and if you would like to see their scores so far.  This week, we are going to give them a full set of SATs tests to see how they get on,


Many thanks,





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Converting document.

Year 6 Curriculum Information

Here you will find the end of year expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths for Year 6 pupils.

Please see link to DfE exemplars of Year 6 Writing at the National Expected Standard

 End of Year Expectations Year 6.pdfDownload
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