St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Sunday 26th January

Dear Parents,

Please find below this weekend's Maths homework - the 2017 Maths SATs arithmetic paper.  Also spellings we are concentrating on for this week are -fer words.  We are still focussing on words ending in -cial, -tial, -cious, -tious also.

We had a great week last week - despite plenty of distraction from the new ramp being built outside our classroom.  The children have been really good at getting on with their work despite the presence of diggers digging outside our window!  They seemed to quieten down after lunch (the diggers not the children). 

Thursday afternoon is always Science with the grammar school boys who are Science A level students so informative but great fun too.  The children have been investigating electrical circuits, adding longer wires, more bulbs, more cells and using open or closed switches. For the next three weeks we're going to be carrying out investigations to practice "Working Scientifically".  If you are ever free on a Thursday afternoon, you have an open invite and are very welcome to come in and join in.

If your child has practice SATs books, could they start using these please - especially for Grammar and Arithmetic practice.  It is expected that everyone reads for half an hour a day - a book at age-related expectation - in other words, not too easy!

Thank you for your continued support,

Kind regards,


Spelling list:


 2017_key_stage_2_mathematics_paper_1_arithmetic (1).pdfDownload
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Saturday 18th January 2020

Dear Parents,

I've just added the R.E. Sources homework - most of the children have handed it in but I had computer problems yesterday and couldn't print it out for those who needed it still.   Thank you for supporting your children with their homework and many thanks again for coming to Parents Evening.  It was very good to talk to you.  Come in again anytime to find out about your child's progress. 

If you have any revision books, please could they get started on those - especially, looking at grammar and arithmetic.  There is an expectation in year 6 that they are reading for at least half an hour everyday and this will greatly help with their comprehension ability as well as their writing.  It is easy to tell from their writing the children who read - reading makes a huge difference to how well children achieve.  Please do look at the Book Trust website for reading ideas within age groups and also on what to choose for them to read according to the types of books they like.


The arithmetic paper two is this weekend's homework alongside some spelling sheets that were sent home yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who has returned the reply slip for the trip to the Warning Zone on the 4th February and the residential trip to the Briars between the 8th and 10th June.  We are pleased to confirm that we have agreed some funding for one of the days so the cost of the trip will be £140 for the three days.  Please get in touch to discuss any concerns you may have.  There will be medical consent forms sent out and an information evening nearer the time.

There is swimming until February half term.


Yours sincerely,


E. Abell

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Converting document.

Year 6 Curriculum Information

Here you will find the end of year expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths for Year 6 pupils.

Please see link to DfE exemplars of Year 6 Writing at the National Expected Standard

 End of Year Expectations Year 6.pdfDownload
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