St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning everyone!


Please find below the Nottingham Diocese Catholic Youth Service youtube guide for the week.  Follow their channel and have a look during the week.  I'll post some more pictures later.

We "went" to Mass (via livestreaming - we didn't really go as in physically go)  at Saint Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham yesterday and Bishop Patrick rededicated England to Our Lady - I thought of my class because the scripture was the scripture we would have studied in school about the rising of Lazarus where Jesus revealed his glory.  My class did some lovely work on this at home and without me saying anything, understood that it was because a lot of people still didn't believe.  It was very moving reading their work and there are so many similarities to today.  Keep believing everyone and keep praying - our country is now dedicated to Our Lady!   That is very special.

Also, Father Paul made the rededication here at Saint Mary's with Fr David and after Mass went outside and blessed Loughborough.  There's a lovely photograph of him on the steps - I'll post it later - it's on my own laptop at the moment and I'm on my school laptop.  He wrote a letter to all parishioners and told everyone that the streets were empty and the town was silent as he gave the blessing. 

Please email the school homework email address if you would like to be signed up to the parish newsletter - Catherine Brady, one of our governor's is trying to widen the distribution of the newsletter and there is also a Saint Mary's Community Group facebook page that she has set up.


Take care everyone and stay safe,

God bless,

Mrs Abell

Chaplaincy updates

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Dear Children,


The Chaplaincy page is now going to be updated every week.  Do keep in touch via the new school homework email address:  Any emails you send to this address will be responded to by your class teacher.


Here are a couple of links - the Nottingham Diocese Catholic Youth Service has its own youtube channel and is live daily - here are the details:

Here is a link to a prayer pack, prepared by Tom Shannon our Lead Lay Chaplain: take a look below:


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Welcome to our Chaplaincy team page.  The Chaplaincy team at Saint Mary's supports the Catholic life of the school. Our mission is to contribute to the school’s life in faith by leading our community in prayer, worship and the Catholic mission of service (through raising money and awareness of charities). As well as this, our team plan, lead and evaluate collective worships in class, year groups, Key Stages and in whole school acts of worship. Chaplains are chosen by the children and staff from years 5 and 6 to represent the school through regular meetings with collective worship leaders and specialists.  The team also work in conjunction with other schools in our CMAT to live out the Gospel values, particularly Discipleship. Our Chaplains have a huge impact on the Catholic life of the school through their continued focus to improve the sense of community and to share the love of God.

Chaplaincy team meetings are held every Friday at 1.30pm.  At the moment, we are preparing scripture for the Chaplaincy team led Wednesday Key Stage 2 liturgies: a few of the Chaplaincy team go to each class to help children prepare the liturgy based on a piece of scripture from the week's Gospels. 

The big Chaplaincy team treat and highlight of the year is in June when we meet at Mount Saint Bernard's Abbey for our retreat day with our CMAT partner school.

Here is a photograph taken of our Chaplaincy team:







Chaplaincy team led liturgy on homelessness based on Matthew's 25: when did I see you naked?  Advent term 2019

Latest photograph of the team!